Advance Radiation Research, Education, and Management Center

Tokushima University

On April 1, 2016, the Radioisotope Research Center, which was opened on April 1, 2000 for the purpose of performing comprehensive and centralized all-encompassing research on radiation, such as advanced radiation research and its support, radiation education, and radiation safety management, was renamed the Advance Radiation Research, Education, and Management Center. In pursuit of safe and efficient education and research using radioisotopes, radiation, and their functional research support, the center provides rigorous safety management of radioactive materials within the university, as well as education and training for radiation workers. We also conduct research and development of safety management and the promotion of strengthening research cooperation with the PET/CT facility for small animals. The center provides relevant academic staff with joint use of the facilities and helps to fully educate the undergraduate and local communities on radiation.

Strategy for Advance Radiation Research, Education, and Management Center

1 A university-wide system for advanced radiation safety, education and training

2 Promotion of research on utilization of high level radioisotopes

3 Provision of information concerning radiation safety management for scientists and the public

4 Research and development of the safe use of radioisotopes


The Center started on April 1st, 2000, aiming to improve radiation safety, education, and research. The modern facilities of the Center support radioisotope studies by scientists in the Josanjima and Kuramoto campuses. Especially, it provides the required facilities to perform radioisotopes research at the highest level of safety for a large number of scientists. Radioisotopes have become an important and essential tool in modern biochemical studies, for example, in genome analysis and post genome evaluation. Therefore, the safe handling of radioisotopes and the education of the next generation of scientists and physicians in the safe use of these materials is a prerequisite for conducting present-day biochemical research. We always strive to minimize external and internal exposure, in order to maximize the benefits from radioisotopes in extracting extremely useful information necessary to advance the fields of biochemistry and medicine.

Stratyegy for Radioisotope Research Center for 21st Century

1. Advance radiation safety, education, and training

2. Promotion of research utilizing radioisotope

3. Provide information on radiation safety for scientists and the publics

4. Develop and investigate safe handling of radioisotopes

Radiation Safety Training Course 2021 in English for the radiation workers will start!

Lecture of X-ray

(in Kuramoto Campus)

Date: May 19th (Wed.), 2021


Place:Lecture room at Avdvance Radiation Research, Education, and Management Center (RI Center)

If you will request the course, please inform us.

If you have any questions, please send E-mail(!

Lecture of RI

(in Kuramoto Campus)

Date: May 21st (Fri.), 2021


Place:Lecture room at Avdvance Radiation Research, Education, and Management Center (RI Center)

Practice Course for RI handling at Training Course for RI workers

(in Kuramoto Campus)

If you will use RI since June, 2021, this course is required!

Date:May, 20th (Thurs.) or 21st (Fri.), or 25th (Tues.), or June,3rd (Thurs.), or 9th(Wed.) ,2021. Select one day!


Place:Practice room at Advance Radiation Research, Education, and Management Center (RI Center)

Do not forget to take a medical examination before Practice Course!

Photograph of Practice on May, 21st, 2005!

April, 15th, 2021